AMA University holds Institutional Listing and Mapping of Qualifications seminar-workshop

With the aim to adopt the national qualifications framework, AMA International University-Bahrain (AMAIUB) held an Institutional Listing and Mapping of Qualifications Seminar-workshop on April 29-30.

During her welcome remarks, Head of Administration Ms. Buena Gracia A. Canzana emphasized the importance of achieving this institutional listing for the university. She added that teamwork and commitment are vital for the university to eventually have the mapping of qualifications.

The first session , conducted by Dr. Marluna Urubio, focused on the institutional listing requirements, preparations, and processes that AMAIUB has to undergo. Moreover, the five standards for institutional listing and their corresponding were elaborated.

The other session was spearheaded by Dr. Aileen Caday who focused on the basics of the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) of Bahrain , its aims, criteria for placement , qualification and institution eligibility. Moreover, her topics also included the mapping of qualifications and its verification and validation.

Dr. Geraldo Talisic, OIC Head of Academic Affairs summarized the significant inputs of the two-day activity and underscored the significance of attaining the standards set by the Kingdom’s NQF. He also initiated the workshop on mapping the course intended learning outcomes and programme intended learning outcomes to the descriptors set by the NQF.

The said activity was attended by the faculty members of the College of Administrative and Financial Sciences, College of Computer Studies, College of Engineering and the Center for General Education.