AMA University Conducts its Orientation Day for New Students

The Student Affairs Department in cooperation with the Students Council at AMA International University-Bahrain held an orientation day for new students who joined the university in the second Trimester of AY 2013-2014. The orientation programme was conducted over two days where the orientation for morning students took place on Tuesday Feb 4th while the orientation for evening students was held on Wednesday Feb 5, 2014.

The programme started by a speech delivered by Ms Buena Canzana Head of Administration who welcomed the students and wished them every success in their education at the university, followed by inspirational words given by the university’s Provost Dr Nabil El Kadhi who expressed his happiness on the decision of the students to select to enroll in AMA university stressing on the importance of exerting all efforts and concentration of students towards their educational achievements and enjoying the benefits of the facilities and services provided by the university with the aim to graduate high caliber students equipped with the appropriate knowledge and skills required for the labour market.

The orientation process also included presentations delivered by various department heads where the new students were introduced to policies, regulations, facilities and services, in addition to an explanation of the academic and educational environments of the university, library, information system, community engagement activities and the important role voluntary works play in the development of students and the early build up of their leadership skills and capabilities. The orientation was attended by faculty members and the deans of the colleges of computer science, business administration, engineering and the centre of general studies.