AMA University conducts Faculty Development Training

In preparation for the opening of classes this 1st Tri, AY 2017-2018, AMA International University (AMAIUB), through its Faculty Development Office, conducted the Faculty Development Training on September 11-14.

The series of lectures and workshops aim to update the faculty with the current trends in the areas of teaching, learning, and assessment which are deemed to have positive effects on students’ academic achievement. This activity is also one of the continuous quality improvement initiatives of AMAIUB which delves not only on the academic-related topics but also includes other skills necessary for cooperation, professional growth and ethics as well as management, and leadership capacities.

For the new faculty members, selected topics on teaching, learning, and assessment were discussed in details such as Programme Intended Learning Outcomes and Course Intended Learning Outcomes formulation and their alignment, development of course specifications and lessons plans, Table of Specification and exam construction, and course assessment and evaluation, among others.

During the four-day training, selected speakers delivered topics which include Higher Education Academy Fellowship Fundamentals, Institutional Listing, Integrating Entrepreneurship and Life-long Learning in Teaching, 5S , Self-Management Skills, Leadership, and Professional Ethics in the Academe.

Moreover, an orientation of Course Coordinators and Specialization coordinators on their specific roles and responsibilities was also done.

With the conduct of the series of seminar and workshops to kick off the Academic Year 2017-2018, the AMAIUB teaching force, composed of academically trained and highly qualified faculty members, are prepared to integrate innovative and effective pedagogies, produce research outputs which contribute to the wealth of knowledge, and participate in worthwhile community engagement activities.