University of Technology Bahrain Officers

Dr. Hasan Almulla

Email: h.almulla@amaiu.edu.bh
Tel: 17787900

Dr. Adnan Altamimi
Acting Vice President for Administration and Finance

Email: a.altamimi@amaiu.edu.bh
Tel: 17787966

Dr. Geraldo C. Talisic
Vice President for Academic Affairs

Email: gctalisic@amaiu.edu.bh
Tel: 17787956

Dr. Buena Gracia A. Canzana
Head of Admin and Finance
Email: bgacanzana@amaiu.edu.bh
Tel: 17787964

Dr. Amin A. Elmeligi
Dean of Student Affairs

Email: aemeligi@amaiu.edu.bh
Tel: 17787955

Dr. Marluna L. Urubio
Dean, College of Administrative and Financial Sciences

Email: mlurubio@amaiu.edu.bh
Tel: 17787974

Dr. Anupama Prasanth
Dean, College of Computer Studies

Email: anupama.prasanth@amaiu.edu.bh
Tel: 17787975

Dr. Beda T. Aleta
Dean, College of Engineering
Email: btaleta@amaiu.edu.bh
Tel: 17787981

Mr. Ali Al Jasim
Director, External Affairs and Community Engagement
Email: ali.aljasim@amaiu.edu.bh
Tel: 17787989
Dr. Rodalin N. Asenas
Director, Center for General Education

Email: rnasenas@amaiu.edu.bh
Tel: 17787985

Dr. Aileen Caday
Senior Director, Quality Assurance and Accreditation Department
Email: abcaday@amaiu.edu.bh
Tel: 17787970
Dr. Lina S. Calucag
Director, Research Center
Email: lscalucag@amaiu.edu.bh
Tel: 17787980

Dr. Mark Doblas
Head, Planning and Development
Email: mpdoblas@amaiu.edu.bh
Tel: 17787982
Dr. Stephen S. Guansi
Faculty Development Officer
Email: sguansi@amaiu.edu.bh
Tel: 17787980

Dr. Caren R. Bansolay
Corporate Communication Officer

Email: crbansolay@amaiu.edu.bh
Tel: 17787980

Mr. Redha Jasim Sheker Radhi
Head, Registration Office

Email: redha@amaiu.edu.bh
Tel: 17787951

Ms. Sarah Yousif Hussain
Head, Admission Office
Email: syhussain@amaiu.edu.bh
Tel: 17787950
Ms. Khadeeja Isa Ahmed Yusuf
Head, Student Services and Guidance Office

Email: khadeeja@amaiu.edu.bh
Tel: 17787984

Mr. Husain Mohamed Ali Alkaranni
Head, International Education
Email: hmalkaranni@amaiu.edu.bh
Tel: 17787958
Mr. Salah Mohamed Naser Al Shaikh
Financial Consultant

Email: sshaikh@amaiu.edu.bh
Tel: 17787901

Mr. Rutherford Y. Antipolo
Head, Information Technology Department
Email: ryantipolo@amaiu.edu.bh
Tel: 17787953
Ms. Maritess V. De Alday
Head, Audit Department

Email: mvdealday@amaiu.edu.bh
Tel: 17787963

Ms. Remedios L. Quinto
Head, Library
Email: rlquinto@amaiu.edu.bh
Tel: 17787987
Mr. Hussam Hubail
Head, Placement, Linkages, and Alumni Department
Email: hhubail@amaiu.edu.bh
Tel: 17787991

Ms. Romarita G. Pabillore
Head, Human Resource Department
Email: rgpabillore@amaiu.edu.bh
Tel: 17787960
Ms. Thelma A. Colesio
Head, Treasury Department
Email: tacolesio@amaiu.edu.bh
Tel: 17787971

Engr. Evann Lloyd R. Asencio
Head, Facilities & Maintenance
Email: elrasencio@amaiu.edu.bh
Tel: 17787983
Ms. Rosemarie Rosales
Head, Purchasing & Propoerty

Email: rgrosales@amaiu.edu.bh

Tel: 17787959