Appeal System for Access:

1. An applicant may appeal the result of his/her admissions result to the University by submitting a letter of appeal to the Admissions Office.

2. The Admissions Officer discusses  the appeal with the Dean of Student Affairs and considers  the merits of the appeal based on the following:

  • results of AMA Placement Test (OOPT); and
  • Secondary School Report.

3.  The Dean of Student Affairs submits the recommendation to the College Dean who may request for additional interview, if necessary.

4. The College Dean decides on the appeal with due regard to the recommendation of the Dean of Student Affairs.

5. The Admissions Officer advises the applicant about the result of the decision of his/her appeal. The Admissions Officer may advise the applicant to consider alternative programme of study other than the original choice.

Appeal System for Transfer of Credits from Other University:

1. An applicant whose application for transfer of credits from previous university was denied may appeal the decision if he believes that there is a reasonable ground to appeal.

2. He/she must submit a letter of appeal to the Admissions Office.

3. The Admissions Office submits the appeal to the Deanship of Student Affairs.

4. The Dean of Student Affairs discusses the appeal with the concerned dean of the programme where the transfer of credit was applied for.

5. The Admissions Office informs the applicant on the final decision of the appeal.