Our Goals

The center is dedicated to develop people. Thus, the center aims to:

  1. develop among students a firm grasp of the worth of critical and analytical thinking and know how to apply them in their academic endeavors;
  2. develop understanding and appreciation of the differences between peoples and cultures as well as their similarities;
  3. provide students intensive knowledge of history, social forces, events and necessary in analyzing phenomena inherent in the pursuit of their specialization;
  4. train students express their thoughts clearly and develop quantitative ability;
  5. instill among students appreciation of the arts as well as how to utilize them in relevant scholastic endeavors that requires creativity and innovative skills;
  6. achieve excellent communication proficiency among students and that they should be able to give intelligent criticism about the physical and life sciences, the humanities, and literature; and
  7. develop the profound desire and capability of learning among the learners needed in the continuance of their studies in the field of discipline that the students have chosen.