Master of Business Administration


The MBA Programme is an advanced business education which provides learning experience that incorporates functional areas in accounting, finance, marketing, and management to become effective managers and leaders of business organizations in a globally competitive and complex business environment.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)

  1. Practice effectively as management professionals by demonstrating competency in accounting, finance, marketing, and management, and applying critical thinking, analysis and problem-solving skills to develop, implement, and evaluate solutions in complex business problems requiring interdisciplinary and global perspectives; and
  2. Promote high ethical standards and professionalism by evaluating the moral, social, and environmental implications of managerial decisions and understanding the relationship between business organizations and other societal institutions.

Programme Intended Learning Outcomes (PILOs)

  • Demonstrate relevant knowledge and understanding of the key functional areas of business (Accounting, Finance, Marketing and Management );
  • Develop understanding of globalization and its significance on decision-making process;
  • Respond to, and lead change by applying intellectual breadth in business administration;
  • Formulate business policies for various functional areas to solve practical decision-making problems, using various management techniques;
  • Investigate tools and models which deliver more efficient decision-making process in spite of the absence of some data and information; 
  •  Integrate research and practice into business and management concepts by applying appropriate methodologies;
  • Lead cooperative activities, present ideas and decisions through the proper use of oral and written communication; and
  • Pursue life-long learning and promote ethical and professional behavior.

Degree Facts:

  1. Graduate students will gain a wide range of high-order thinking skills and transferrable skills relevant to business administration, employability and personal development.
  2. The duration of the programme is two (2) years.
  3. The medium of instruction in all courses is English.
  4. The number of credits require to graduate is 42 units.


The graduates of the MBA programme can pursue a career as business development manager, business analyst/specialist, HR manager, bank and finance managers, financial advisers, risk and project managers, operations manager or managing their own business as entrepreneurs. In addition, the programme can lead graduates for postgraduate degrees in business and management such as PhD or DBA.

Programme Specification: