Faculty Development Program Formulation and Implementation

General Procedures

  1. Each College, in collaboration with the FDC, formulates its College level FDP based on the different inputs mentioned in the FD Framework.
  2. The FDPs are submitted to the FDO and Vice President for Academic Affairs during the 3rd Trimester for evaluation and approval. The plans, once approved, will then be implemented in the succeeding Academic Year.  FD college activities, especially those with financial considerations are subject to approval.
  3. The Faculty Development activities are implemented and monitored by the College with which a Trimestral Accomplishment Report (1st and 2nd Trimester),  and an Annual Report is submitted to the College and the FDO.
  4. The FDPs submitted by the Colleges are consolidated and are the bases for the FDO in the planning, design, implementation and assessment of Institutional FD Programs. Likewise, the FDO monitors College FDP implementation through the FDC to ensure that activities have been implemented.