AMIN A. ELMELIGI, PhD Dean of Student Affairs

Dean of Student Affairs

Message from the Dean

The Deanship of Student Affairs (DSA) forms one of the important pillars of the University. The DSA has a crucial role in any university for it has a major impact on the educational process, accreditation, and international ranking.

The DSA has a number of programs and projects that improve the students' academic life and support them in the attainment of their personal and professional goals. The DSA provides effective and efficient services to students in terms of adjusting to academic difficulties, mediating and solving conflicts, participating in curricular, and extracurricular activities, learning to assume leadership roles and working effectively with others, developing student responsibility, and building healthy relationships, among others.

Our University has been steadfast in supporting all the research endeavors and scholarships, providing substantial funds to the research activities of the students, and facilitating their attendance in local, regional, and international conferences. With its active collaborations with external stakeholders and leading industries, the University will be able to commercialize the students' capstone projects which contribute to the Kingdom's innovation, wealth creation, and economic vitality.

The DSA acknowledges the worth of individual students and works hand in hand with the other academic and non-academic departments to ensure that the students will have a meaningful and enjoyable college life.

The University is further committed to creating environments that enhance the students' well-being, inculcate them with employability skills, and empower them to make meaningful contributions to the community.