About the College

The College of Engineering (COE) offers competitive, affordable and industry requirements-based academic programmes as well as holistic education in Mechatronics and Informatics Engineering in response to the needs of the global community. It steadfastly upholds excellence in the delivery of quality Mechatronics and Informatics Engineering by providing the most recent, comprehensive, and student-centered environment for teaching-learning with up-to-date professional development programs, scholarly work, and entrepreneurship. The College’s programmes  are accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET.

The COE offers two undergraduate degree programmes, namely: Bachelor of Science in Informatics Engineering (BSIE)  and Bachelor of Science in Mechatronics Engineering (BSME).

The BSIE combines information technology (IT) with engineering concepts. It is an interdisciplinary scientific area focusing on the application of advanced computing, information and communication technologies to engineering.

The  BSME combines mechanical, electronic, electrical, and computer engineering. It is an interdisciplinary scientific area focusing on the study and design of intelligent programmable systems from an engineering perspective and looks into the design, development and controlling of advanced hybrid systems.