Academic Advising Guidelines

You need academic advising before enrolment. Follow these steps:

Step 1. Secure a plotting form from the Registrar's Office thru or download from

Step 2. Fill out the plotting form with your preferred courses based on your curriculum plan. Download your curriculum plan from the following sites:

Step 3: Know your programme and college.

  • BSIB, BSBI, & MBA – College of Administrative and Financial Sciences (CAFS)
  • BSME and BSIE – College of Engineering (COE)
  • BSCS – College of Computer Studies (CCS)

Step 4: Know your academic adviser.

Your academic adviser will evaluate the appropriateness of the courses you intend to enrol for the term. You will not be enlisted if your plotting form is not checked by your academic adviser. Refer to to know and get the contact details of your respective academic advisers. CGE faculty members also advise CAFS students.

Step 5. Submit your plotting form to your academic adviser for checking.

You can also contact the Programme Head or the College Dean for further guidance. You can get the contact details of your Programme Head and College Dean here:

Step 6. Receive advised plotting form.

You will receive your signed plotting form from the academic adviser with the strict observance of pre-requisite subjects.

Step 7. Proceed to payment of Fees.

Refer to Enrolment Guidelines.