A glimpse of Bahrain history revisited

The AMA International University-Bahrain (AMAIUB) conducted a historic lecture on the crafting of the original lyre strings symbolizing one of the notable periods of Bahrain history – the Dilmun civilization, on November 25, 2019 at the AMAIUB auditorium.

Mr. Mahmood Adbulsaheb Ahmed Hasan, a local renowned researcher, lecturer and author of many historical books, presented his original production of the lyre strings that dates back its significance during the Dilmun civilization, which manifests the richness of culture and prosperity of trading between Bahrain (previously known as Dilmun) and its neighboring countries. Similarly, he showed some of the artifacts that he discovered during his research and explorations.

Said lecture was organized by the Center for General Education through its Community Engagement Committee chaired by Dr. Sabah M. Aljubouri.

Mr. Mahmood presenting his original craft of strings lyre

Some AMAIUB faculty members with the lecturer